How it Works

“New Family Project” provides safety and privacy for your child’s photos

1. You Create A Private Family List
Every time you share a photo, we will send it to all the members of your Private Family List. Add your spouse, siblings, grandparents, or close friends. You can choose whether you want to share with each member by email or by SMS.

Add 4 or 5 members to start — you can always add more later!

2. You Share A Photo
You can share a photo by uploading to our web site, or by using our iPhone app. The app is the easiest way — it takes just seconds to use! When you share a photo, you can also add a caption if you’d like to.

One click shares with everyone on your list.


3. We Remove The Location Data
Every time you share a photo, we remove all the location data added by your phone or camera. This makes it impossible for anyone to track your child by using this data to find them on a map.


4. Your Family Members Get A Link

step4Each member of your Private Family List gets a link via email or SMS, depending on the way you told us to reach them.

Your family members don’t have to install anything or set a password — we’re grandparent-friendly!



5. They Click To View Your Photo

get-a-link-cleanYour family members click the link we send them to see your photo on a private web page. No one without the link can access the page, and they can only see the photos you’ve specifically shared with them.



6. …And Leave Comments

leave-a-commentWhether your family member sees a photo via email or via SMS, they can add a comment. Everyone who got the photo can add to the comment thread. You can respond to any of the comments you like using the iPhone app or the website.

Getting great comments is one of the best parts of the experience!


7. You Get Notified

notificationsEvery time a family member clicks a link to view a photo or comments on a photo, you get notified by email. We also notify you in the iPhone app. And you can view all the activity in your account through the “Notifications” section of the website.



8. “Track This Photo”

trackIf you’d like to know whether a photo you shared has been uploaded anywhere on the web, you can click “Track This Photo” (only available on the website). We’ll use an image search engine to find URLs where the image has been posted and report back to you.