Digital Trends: Could You Fall Victim to Crimes by Geotagging Photos?


From Digital Trends:

“Today, everyone who uses social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is most likely utilizing this technology (geotagging) in some form – whether they realize it or not. While seemingly harmless, with every photo they post, there are possible dangers that users may not be aware of when they expose themselves, friends, and family members to.”

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Huffington Post: The Danger of Telling the Web Where You Are

From the Huffington Post:

Geotagging pictures and uploading them can help a criminal determine your day to day patterns. Are you uploading pictures every weekend of your family up at the cottage? Are you posting even non-location specific pictures quite regularly?

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Time: Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Kids on Facebook?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows a photo of himself as a baby as he delivers a keynote address during the Facebook f8 conference on September 22, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the conference introducing a Timeline feature to the popular social network. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

From Time:

But that conversation is not always easy. “As parents are starting at a very young age posting anything and everything on Facebook, then it will be hard as parents to say to your child as a teenager, ‘That’s not appropriate to post,’ when parents have been posting information about them for their entire lives,” says Dr. Mary Beth DeWitt, director of psychology at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

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Kidspot: Could Instagramming Your Kids Cause Trouble Down the Line?


From Kidspot:

“Many Instagram users are freely posting pics of their kids online for all to see. They’re posting them alongside other beautiful images and gathering followers by the day, (people who are interested in lovely people and beautiful things one would hope.) But this is different from sharing your photo albums with people who come around for a cup of tea. It’s pushing things out to the world at large.”

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Qustodio: Turning the Tables: When Parents Misbehave Online

qustodio blog - parents online

From Qustodio:

“A large portion of the images found online are of kids, and it’s no wonder. After all, who doesn’t want to share pics of their little cutie with their friends and family? And social media provides a quick and convenient way to do just that. Unfortunately, it’s not always wise to post images of your kids online, especially without using privacy controls. It’s terrible to think about, but some of the more nefarious characters online can swipe these pictures and use them in horrific ways that could do irreparable harm to your child’s self-image and even their safety.”

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Chicago Now: Why I’m Done Posting Photos of My Kid On Facebook


From Chicago Now:

“We all want to believe that Facebook takes parents’ concerns about privacy seriously. But the truth is that Facebook is a publicly traded company that cares first and foremost about making its shareholders happy. We have no idea how far it will go to do so, especially since the company is not extraordinarily profitable right now. But what we do know is that Facebook is pushing our boundaries now, often, to see just how much of our privacy we’re willing to give away.”

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CNN: “Facebook Parenting” is Destroying our Children’s Privacy

From CNN:

“We are living in an era in which every keystroke online, from the information you search for to videos you watch to things you consider buying, is collected, stored, archived, aggregated and potentially shared or sold. And regardless of the false sense of security offered by the key on the upper right corner of your keyboard, there is no delete key for the Internet. Once it’s out there, it’s probably out there forever.”

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