Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service do?

NFP is a service that helps parents to share photos of their children safely and easily with family members and close friends.  NFP also allows you to control how your family members receive the photos you upload.

Who is it for?

NFP is designed for moms with young children.  Moms can share their private photos with family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) or with close family friends.

How does it work?

A parent creates an account on the NFP website. She adds family members and friends to a Private Family List. She controls how they receive photos (web link via email, web link via SMS, or web link plus attachments via email). She uploads photos, either through the website or using our Parents’ iPhone app. Private Family List members can see photos and leave comments.

For more detail, read a whole page about “How It Works” here!

Will you use my photos for advertising?

Never. Unlike Facebook, which explicitly states that any content uploaded to their system can be used in advertising, we guarantee that we will never, ever use any private photos for any advertising or marketing purpose, internal or external.

Will you share my data with anyone?

We will never share your data with any third party without your explicit permission. For example, if you authorize us to export photos to your Shutterfly account, we’ll do that. But we will not give your information to Shutterfly (or anyone) to send you marketing offers.  All of our data usage policies are spelled out in our privacy policy.

Who can share photos?

Only the parent who controls the account can share pictures.  If another family member wants to send a picture to that parent to share through the system, he can send it through other channels. As with all of our initial feature-set, this is something we can change over time if there’s demand.

Who can leave comments?

Anyone on the Private Family List can leave a comment, either by replying to an email, by commenting on a private web page, or through the Parents app (for the parent who owns the account).

How much does it cost?

NFP currently plans to charge a monthly subscription fee for the service — probably between $5 and $10. We do not plan to sell any ads.  This fee will be paid the parent only — none of the Private Family List members will have to pay. We’re also giving free service to some of our early beta users for up to two years as a thank-you for helping us test out the service!

How private is it?

Photos you share will never be displayed on a public webpage.  Photos you share will never be sent in emails unless you authorize us to send them.  If you wish, you can require all the members of your Private Family List to register and log in with passwords (optional and controlled by the parent).  All photos uploaded to NFP have identifying location data removed before they are displayed or shared.  We never ask for any personal data without explaining exactly what it’s for, and we try not to ask for any data if we don’t need to.  For instance, we don’t ask for your children’s names, because we don’t need to know that information.

Can I delete my content?

Yes. You can delete any photo you’ve shared at any time through our web interface.

Can I share a photo on Facebook through NFP?

No. Because of safety, privacy and control issues with Facebook, we don’t offer any kind of automated integration with Facebook or its APIs.


Can I download my photos?

Yes.You can download any photo you have uploaded to the system. We can transfer the photos to a Dropbox or other cloud account, put them on a thumb drive if you send us one, or send you compressed, password-protected archives via email.

Can I export my photos to a printing site?

We plan to offer an “Export” feature which will let you move photos from NFP to Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Dropbox by the end of January, 2014.

Can my spouse have administrative privileges?

No. There is only one administrator per account. This should be the parent who is the most active in sharing family photos.

Can other families see my photos?

No one can see your photos unless you add them individually to your Private Family List.  If another user of the service adds you to her list, she does not get any access to your photos, and vice-versa.

Do you keep backups of the photos I upload?

Yes. As soon as a photo is uploaded to NFP and before it is shared or displayed, we make a secure archived copy on a protected server in order to reduce the risk that your images could be lost if a server went down.

What happens when I close my account?

You can close your account with NFP at any time. When you do, you will be given a 30-day period to download your photos. As soon as we have confirmed that you have received all the photos, we will completely destroy any records of the images you uploaded.

Doesn’t this service exist already?

There are many options for sharing digital photos available to parents. However we don’t know of any other service with the same features and safety settings as NFP.

Who’s behind this?

New Family Project is a startup funded by angel investors.  Our team is located in New York City, with an engineering and design office in Sofia, Bulgaria.   We are not affiliated with any existing social network, marketing organization, or ad agency. Collectively we are 20 people (including 8 parents with 14 wonderful children!).


What’s up with the name?

“New Family Project” is our working title. We’re probably going to change the name pretty soon (Q1 2014)!